Karyn Ives

Updated Mar 13, 2017

Omb2017 Karyn Ives

She is beautiful inside and out because she is very generous. She will pull over to help other drivers out; doesn’t matter if it’s 0 degrees out or a scorching 120 degrees out. She will fix meals in truck stops for drivers hungry and broke. She does a lot of behind the scenes stuff. Like if she sees someone needs help with their bills, or had a new baby or getting married she will find out their mailing address and anonymously send money to them to help or congratulate them. She went through her own hard times. She is a domestic violence survivor and helped shape the laws of domestic violence to help others in same situation. She learned to drive a semi because after leaving her very abusive marriage she had 2 kids to raise. She learned how to drive a semi 17 years ago and never forgets how she got where she is now by all the truckers along the way who helped, encouraged and taught her the ropes through the years. Her favorite saying is “A new day to laugh, learn something new and blessed be to God to guide her day.” That’s a woman with strength, inner courage and belief in Jesus Christ. She’s kind, loving, thoughtful there’s nothing she can’t try to do or has done. She loves animals. She isn’t afraid of hard work and she is always proud of her fellow trucking “sisters.” She has a modest approach to others, never arrogant and will always listen to others concerns of trucking and share her thoughts on it. She impresses me everyday with everything I’ve said. Never does a day go by that she doesn’t go one step further than the day before in anything she does. She’s beautiful because she doesn’t know just how much she impacts others’ lives. She’s beautiful because she truly appreciates her fellow sisterhood and lastly, she’s beautiful because she’s one heck of a driver!

Nominated by best friend Craig Donton

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