Senate passes bill to exempt propane haulers from hours reg to May 31, bill goes to president

propane tankerThe Senate unanimously passed March 14 a bill that would extend hours-of-service waivers for propane haulers and home heating fuel haulers to March 31. 

The Home Heating Emergency Assistance Through Transportation Act passed the House March 4, so the bill now goes to President Barack Obama. His signature would make the bill law. 

The bill was introduced in the House Feb. 25 and would allow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regional exemptions in place on that date for 36 states to continue to May 31, to help ease a propane shortage for consumers caused by a severe winter and distribution hang-ups. 

The bill directs Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx to end the extension if the propane crisis is solved by May 31. He would consult with governors to lift the waivers in affected states.

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