Former truck driver honored as country singer

Updated Apr 22, 2013

Country CountryTruck driver turned chart-topping traditional country singer, Bobby Dean, has found some success with his sophomore Lamon Records album, Country Country. His song “Me and George Strait” topped the New Music Weekly Chart at No. 1 and entered the Top 80 on Music Row’s Chart in September. His newest single, “You Can’t Drink ‘Em All,” is currently at NMW, MR, Billboard and MediaBase stations. “White Lightning or Pink Champaign” earned similar success on NMW (Top 5) and Music Row (Top 80) in May of 2012.

Dean, a Kent, Wash., native, adds his own vocal touch to George Jones’ 1974 classic “The Grand Tour” as well as the Buck Owens (via Terry Fell) classic “Truck Driving Man” on the album. The Grammy-nominated Moody Brothers and Grand Ole Opry veteran George Hamilton IV join him on “Truck Driving Man.”

From his home near Seattle, Wash., where he owns and operates a successful trucking company, Dean says he’s happy just “living the dream.”

“I’ve always loved singing country music,” Dean says. “I’m just so grateful to Lamon Records for this opportunity. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I’m grateful for all the support the fans and country radio have given me and my music.”

Country Country is available at iTunesAmazon and many other sites, as well as on CD from the Lamon Records web store. The physical CD features two bonus tracks of Bobby’s first Lamon chart singles (“Hank on the Radio” and “Rebound”) not found on the digital release version.

Country Country was produced by Grammy-nominated producer and Lamon label president Dave Moody and engineered and mixed by Academy of Country Music Award winning engineer Steve Marcantonio at the Sound Emporium in Nashville. For more information, contact Lamon Records or call 615-379-2121.

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