Posture correcting device

Updated Apr 22, 2013

The iPosture vibrates when the user slouches and continues until posture is corrected. The small device is designed to be worn for four hours a day for the first month to ingrain the proper behavior on the user and twice a week to maintain posture improvement. The iPosture can be used as a pendant, clipped onto a shirt or placed directly on the chest.

iPosture uses Wearable Intelligent Nano-Sensor, a microchip that monitors stance several times every second. The iPosture is worn close to the skin of the chest and operates on a coin-size battery. It warns the user when detecting any deviation greater than just three degrees from the chosen posture that lasts longer than one minute.

One button controls all the iPosture functions, andt can be reset at any time to allow the user to fine tune their best personal stance. It can be paused by pressing and holding the button for three seconds, or laying it down on the table to turn it off.

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