Nothing to sneeze at

Updated Apr 22, 2013

allergiesGet out in front of allergy season with these simple precautions

With the weather warming up and flowers beginning to bloom, spring means only one thing to some drivers: allergy season. Take preventive precautions before getting out on the road in order to keep your allergies at bay and enjoy the sunshine.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the most common allergy triggers include tree, grass, and weed pollen, animal hair, mold spores, and dust mite and cockroach allergens.

Treat allergies early to prevent bigger problems later on. Check with your doctor for possible allergy medicine, or try over the counter prescriptions to keep runny nose and fever down.

To minimize allergens inside the cab, follow these simple tips.

  • Purchase a cover for your bunk mattress
  • Regularly air out cab and mattress
  • Wash sheets and blankets regularly, and have pillows cleaned.
  • Cabs with carpet attract dust as well, so make sure to vacuum out truck often.
  • Consider buying an air filter for the cab

Regular exercise, such as walking during downtime, can help stave off allergy symptoms, as well as taking vitamins regularly. Some foods help fight back against allergy symptoms, too, so try incorporating a few of the following into your diet to cut down on symptoms.

Kale and broccoli are both members of the crucifer family, which acts as an agent to clear sinuses. Kale and collard greens are also high in carotenoids, which ease issues due to allergies. The obvious food to snack on during allergy season is anything containing vitamin C, such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes.

If symptoms persist or deter normal job activity, contact your doctor.