Nala Wormley

Updated Dec 23, 2013

Nala WormleyI had to put my dog down of 15.8 years and didn’t want to go back on the road alone. So I contacted the breeder that I got my previous dog Brandi from, she found me a puppy that she thought I would like. I contacted the breeder and she did her background checks and in a few short days my fiance and I were on our way to OH from MN to picker her up. When I first saw a picture of her she looked like a little lion so I named her Nala. Nala was on the truck with me 24/7 until recently. She enjoys being on the truck but she also enjoys being home. I run a dedicated run where I am home every week so every now and then I will leave her home. She really loves the big trucks, she even knows the word big trucks, if you say it she gets all excited and spins around and barks. She loves to chase them too and will do it if you let her. She has been taught to stay away from them so she chases them from a distance if she gets the chance too. She will chase cars too but she really loves the big ones. She also makes friends where ever she goes, she truly never meets a stranger. If I open the door and someone is standing outside she will jump right into their arms even if she just met them. She loves people.

Jackie Wormley | Owner-operator, Landstar Ranger