BaltoBalto is my second Malamute, he is a rescue, he came to me at 7 months old and I was his fourth caretaker, I found him through Malamute rescue of New England, I traveled from northern Maine to New Hampshire to go look at him. I fell in love with him and brought him home, after our first year together and his second birthday most of his issues have been worked out and he is my best friend and companion, I drive a Truck part time weekends due to a back injury, running intermodal from Maine to Rail head in Mass, and back, Balto comes with me and loves it, he knows the stops and our rest stops, (Doggy pee-pee stops) where he makes friends along the way, He is no trouble at all and is very well behaved both in and out the truck, I have to help him in and out and at 95 lbs we have it down to an art, A big thanks to my Pal and boss  Bill “Moose” fellow Biker and Trucker at “Mad Moose Trucking” who allows me to bring “Balto Trucker Dog”  with me.

Be well and drive safe out there.

Pedraich Tubridy | Company driver, Mad Moose Trucking