‘Ice Road Truckers’ wraps up 9th season

Ice Road Trucker Darrell Warr (Histroy Channel Photo)Ice Road Trucker Darrell Warr (Histroy Channel Photo)

History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers wrapped up its ninth season Sunday as the wilderness roads of northern Canada thawed, lakes melted and the truckers who crossed them went home, writes Overdrive sister site’s Truckers News Editor David Hollis in his weekly recap.

Alex Debogorski found out the hard way he was not alone on his last trip of the year. Todd Dewey and rival Lisa Kelly made it across a 35-mile stretch of mostly frozen Hudson Bay with track vehicles instead of trucks. Art Burke and Darrell Ward had comparatively easy trips in the finale.

Hollis writes the final seven or eight minutes of the episode provided the highlights of the week. A recap of that sequence, as well as a full recap of the episode, can be seen here.

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