Celebrating the 50th anniversary of 'Duel' with its star 1960 Peterbilt

Updated Dec 9, 2021

Today -- November 13, 2021 -- is the 50th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's directorial debut with the "Duel" thriller. The film first aired in movie theaters 50 years ago on this day.

Small fleet owner Brad Wike and Robb Mariani put this bit of fun (see above) together to showcase the rig that starred in the movie, depicted there as a menacing fuel hauler whose driver is never seen by the unlucky salesman the truck pursues unsuccessfully over the course of the film.

In the video, Mariani and Wike bring in the UK-based filmmakers behind the "Devil on Wheels" documentary project, too, to speak to their efforts to complete the film, in part chronicling the history and culture around the thriller. Find more about the project via this link.

Read more about Wike and Mariani's efforts to celebrate Wike's rig's history via this link to prior coverage of the recent painting refresh they gave the 1960 Peterbilt and its trailer, the last known surviving rig used in the filming. 

Duel 50th AnniversaryPhoto by Robb Mariani