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Lil’ Trucker multitool: Crowd-funding launch May 6

| May 03, 2015

Following the re-introducing of the hand-axe size “Trucker’s Friend” multitool several years back, the Philadelphia-based Innovation Factory group is launching a smaller “Lil’ Trucker” version the company says was designed by firefighters. (It’s pictured above.)

With its trademark sense of humor, the company is calling the Lil’ Trucker the “most ass-kicking multi-tool since primates first picked up the bone in 2001: A Space Odyssey.”

It’s an “all-in-one axe, wrench, bottle opener, and fold-out saw.” Also: It works pretty well on zombies, as the short film below well proves.

Gotta have it? The company’s launching a crowd-funding campaign to fund production of the tool Wednesdday, May 6. Keep an eye out for it via

[vimeo 123956564 nolink]


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