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MATS 2017

MATS2GATS lives again!

150 days. That’s how long we have to lose a ton.

Not “we” as in George and I, “we” as in the trucking community as a team. George and I can probably contribute 20 pounds each, but we’re going to count on the rest of you to take up the slack on the remaining 1,860 pounds.

The MATS2GATS fitness challenge was born last year, an idea from our buddy James Crowley, of Texomatic pictures. He challenged drivers to take the months in between MATS and GATS to improve their health and physical condition, set up a Facebook page for support and information, and went about getting it done.

The challenge has been renewed this year, and our friends at Tough Tested have taken up the cause, along with Tom Kyrk of Road Tested Living. Tom will be working closely with Marisol Esteves of TT to provide a platform of support, encouragement, and education through the page and contest, for drivers interested in joining the challenge.

But wait, there’s more.

All participants will be invited to a tailgate celebration at GATS 2017 in Dalllas, sponsored by Tough Tested. All participants will get a MATS2GATS t-shirt, regardless of the number of pounds lost as a group. Prizes ascend from there, based on amount of weight lost as a group, and everyone who participates wins.

Detailed rules, prize lists, and information on how to participate are on the MATS2GATS Facebook page, along with recipes, exercise tips, trails to walk, and healthy food locations on the road. Deadline to enter the contest is May 1, 2017.

Even if you don’t need to lose weight or aren’t interested in joining the effort, the page is a great place for information about a healthier lifestyle on the road. Follow along, and support the effort!

The secret is out – and so is the book!

The secret is out – and so is the book!

"In her new book, 'Gut Instinct,' Carolyn O'Byrne has captured the ability to impart detailed health information in easily digestible language. (Sorry, I couldn't help ...

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