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Moving business headed South

| January 18, 2011

That’s not as bad it sounds. Van operators, take heed. Today’s news comes on the heels of a blog post by the folks at Penske Truck Rental, detailing the top 10 moving destinations in the country. Two of them are places I’ve left in the past — Chicago (in 2006) and Charlotte, N.C. (1998). I don’t know what exactly that may say about me, but regardless the trend overall is sending household-move loads toward the compass point in my general direction, Southeast.

“There is a continued heavy migration out of the Midwest and Northeast and into sunny markets,” said Don Mikes, vice president of rental for Penske.

It’s certainly less-than-sunny here in Nashville and much of the Southeast today, where 6 of the 10 destinations on Penske’s top-ten list are (if you count East Texas). The full list follows. Or check out the original Penske post.

1. Atlanta
2. Dallas/Fort Worth
3. Phoenix
4. Orlando, Fla.
5. Chicago
6. Houston
7. Seattle
8. Denver
9. Sarasota, Fla.
10. Charlotte, N.C.

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