N.D. driver rescues elderly man after icy wreck

James Mozey

James Mozey

James Mozey of Niagra, N.D., has been named a Highway Angel by the Truckload Carriers Association after he rescued an elderly man who was pinned in his pickup truck after a crash. 

Mozey drivers part-time for Britton Transport and works as a firefighter and EMT at the Grand Forks Air Force Base. On Jan. 9, he came across a crash on I-29 — a pickup truck that had spun into a ditch and flipped onto its passenger side and was then lying in the northbound lane with the driver pinned in. 


Highway Angel recalls life-threatening wreck

An icy road in Texas proved to be plenty dangerous when Thomas Colston, driving for Frito-Lay, witnessed a pickup truck fly out of control.

Mozey stopped and climbed into the pickup, stabilizing the man’s neck and as the weather was severely cold, keeping him warm with his own body heat. 

The manager of the ambulance service that responded that day later called Britton Transport to say that his staff was impressed by Mozey’s fortitude. “My guys thought he did a tremendous job and probably saved this individual’s life,” he said. “He was quick to get in there. Instead of just sitting in his vehicle, he actively took initiative to do something.”

Mozey will receive a certificate, patch and lapel pin for his recognition as a Highway Angel.

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