One Girl Trucking: ‘More courtesy now’

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One Girl TruckingAn encounter with a pair of joy-riding, inconsiderate motorcyclists over Memorial Day turned dramatic when truck driver Bethany, blogging at One Girl Trucking, decided enough was enough and confronted the bikers at a red light.

Read her account, a sort of pitch and plea to bikers, motorists and truckers alike for more courtesy and common sense on the road, via her One Girl Trucking blog here.

If you haven’t encountered her blog before, Bethany describes herself as a “third-generation truck driver. My career choice is both demanding and rewarding, just like most things in life that are truly good. Trucking has empowered me and made me realize that a determined woman can succeed in anything she sets her sights on, even in a profession that tends to automatically question whether she ‘has what it takes.’ It has given me the opportunity to travel to places and meet people I wouldn’t have otherwise. It has filled me with confidence in my strength and abilities as a business owner, (in a way a 9-5 office job never could), and provided me with the life I love so much: debt-free, fulfilled and surrounded by everything I hold dear.”

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