Bug-removal tip: Scotch Brite ‘Dobie’ pads

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Updated Jul 30, 2012

Dobie By Scotch BriteThis one comes by way of owner-operator Henry Albert’s blog, where he shares an anecdote about the Scotch Brite “Dobie” cleaning pads (pictured) he uses to clean bugs from his windshield — and how he somewhat inadvertently passed the trick off to Daimler engineers at the Uvalde, Texas, proving grounds. Give it a read here.

As for getting the bugs off, he writes:

1. Spray a little window cleaner on the pad itself.
2. Rub down the entire area.

“The bugs come off with little effort,” Albert says. After demonstrating it for the engineers, he adds, “I later came to find out those test engineers searched the grocery stores that evening until they found the ‘Dobie.’ Now, they use it faithfully.”

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