Hours overhaul a little slow out of the gate

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Updated Aug 21, 2019
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Truckers can continue to operate as they have since December 2014, meaning 34-hour restarts do not require two 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. periods. The 34-hour restart can also be used as often as truckers like.

The U.S. DOT’s proposal to revamp federal hours of service regulations still hasn’t been officially published in the Federal Register, though an agency spokesperson says the notice of proposed rulemaking is teed up for publication Thursday.

Last Wednesday, shortly after the proposal was unveiled, FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez said the proposal was scheduled for publication for Monday. However, Monday came and went, obviously, with no official publication of the rule.

Public feedback on the rulemaking can’t be filed until the proposed rule is published. If the rule is indeed to be published Thursday, it will appear tomorrow in the Federal Register preview. When published, Overdrive will publish a link to file public comments.

Check out Overdrive‘s full coverage of the rule at this link, along with industry reaction at this link.

FMCSA will accept oral comments Friday at the Great American Trucking Show in a listening session open to the public.