Lube your Friday morning with some ‘Thirty Weight Coffee’

Updated May 21, 2021

Paul MoarhoeferPaul Marhoefer, a full-time trucker who’s also a recording artist, has performed at many trucking events.

Musician and Overdrive contributing writer Paul Marhoefer will be a guest of host “Big Al” Weekley’s streaming radio show Friday to discuss one of “Long Haul” Paul’s songs, “Thirty Weight Coffee.”

Elsewhere on the program, Weekley said he plans to talk about “events that happen that the driver can't control.” The two-hour show, “Overdrive’s Music to Truck By: Today’s tunes from the men and women behind the wheel,” streams from home page at 10 a.m. Eastern each Friday.

“Paul will tell the story behind the song ‘Thirty Weight Coffee,’” said Weekley. Like some of Marhoefer’s songs, this one gives a driver’s reflections of the sorrows and joys of the road. You can read the full lyrics at Marhoefer's facebook page. Here is an excerpt:

Well there's a sweet solemn stillness that steals over you
When you're west of Dodge City doing 102.
As all your misspoken words and all the birthdays you've missed
Fall like smoke butts to the blacktop as you break forth into bliss.


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