'Music to truck by' for the Friday morning ride with Big Al this week features Stephen Flatt

Updated May 28, 2021

Singer-songwriter Stephen Flatt's new "Cumberland Bones" record, as well as other tracks from his two decades plus writing hard-driving Americana music, will be featured prominently on the Friday, May 28, edition of Overdrive's Music to Truck By. The online streaming radio show, hosted by longtime DJ and working trucker "Big Al" Weekley, will also weave in news from the week and plenty more in the way of country and bluegrass music to help lighten the load, live from 10 a.m.-noon Eastern daylight time. 

stephen flatt collage of photos playing guitar and sitting with a Cummins diesel for a dredgerSinger-songwriter Stephen Flatt works today in the health-care logistics world, after years working with over-the-road truckers as logistics manager for a major retailer and a manufacturer. He lives near Nashville, Tennessee.

Singer-songwriter Flatt is no stranger to trucking, as Overdrive's own Todd Dills told us last week in a special edition (above) of the Overdrive Radio podcast featuring his music. Flatt developed a hefty appreciation for working drivers while managing logistics for a manufacturer and a retailer in the early part of his working life, and his experience working with haulers informs parts of his music. 

Big Al has reached back into the songwriter's archive to take listeners on a longer journey through the career of the grand-nephew of bluegrass legend Lester Flatt. 

Overdrive’s Music to Truck By” features music by and about truckers, as well as new and classic country and bluegrass tunes. Weekley also airs news and music-related feature contributions from Overdrive.

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The program will be rebroadcast Wednesday, June 2, 1 a.m.-3 a.m., for you night haulers as well. Each program is available for streaming at this page on the Bluegrass Jamboree site after the initial airing.