The day an ELD mandate protestor and ELD provider visited the White House to talk brokers

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Updated Feb 16, 2024

The title of this edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast sounds a little like the set-up for an inside-baseball joke of sorts, but for owner-operator Mike Landis and Ezlogz head and former owner-op C.J. Karman, that day in May was a serious one indeed.

Directly and indirectly in a variety of ways, its culimination of the three-week Mayday-begun protest vigil outside the White House has had material effects in terms of getting the conversation going around enforcement and potential enhancement of the 49 CFR 371.3 “transparency” requirement for brokers when other parties in a freight transaction request the transaction record.

Here, Landis and Karman nonetheless narrate the story of how the two, among a few hundred truckers over the three-week events, came to be on the same page in talks over the issue with the White House chief of staff in May 2020. Take a listen:

FMCSA recently extended the comment period on two petitions and the transparency regulation in general through November 18. A public listening session is scheduled for October 28 — register to participate online via this link. There, a third petition filed by broker group TIA to remove the 371.3 reg entirely will also be discussed.

Find a link to where you can comment at directly in this recent coverage of the extension.