More parking now, please; alternatives to ‘sailboat fuel’

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Updated Nov 30, 2015

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I came across the September 2012 issue and the “Voices” column piece on parking. From my own experience, neither coast has enough, or well-placed, parking for trucks. [Overdrive reader] Randy Martindale called it right. If you’re not in a spot by 3 p.m., well, you’re out of luck most of the time. All I ever looked for is a safe place to park, with hot food and facilities that are clean. I am thankful that the Midwest has a nice variety of places. It was a sad day for drivers when the Flying J disassembled itself. That took a lot of options off the table, forever — never to return. To see new truck stops/plazas, the government is going to have to get fuel prices under control, and offer low-interest loans to those still willing to build.
Michael Payne, via Overdrive’s Facebook page

PS: Truck stops/plazas are like cellphone towers: “Not in my neighborhood!” However, members of the general public sure like their cellphones, food and goodies, don’t they.

Alternatives to ‘sailboat fuel’
Overdrive readers, on our Facebook page, offered a bevy of alternatives to the old slang in response to a post about our George & Wendy Show blogger Wendy Parker’s Sunday, Jan. 7, story, which capitalized on the phrase for a little humor. Find the original story here.

Robert McConnell: I prefer “post holes” myself.

Mike Hatcher: When I pull my empty tanker, I’m hauling dispatcher brains, not wind or air.

Blake Small: Motorcycle doors.

Rodney Peterburs: Blinker fluid.

David Ooten: Back several years ago it was VW radiators.

Jeff Mercer: I hauled a load of muffler bearings once.

Sailboat QrRalph Burket: I used to haul fresh air to Jersey. They needed it.

If you’re reading on a desktop, scan the QR with your phone or tablet to weigh in on Facebook with your own preferred slang for an empty box or trailer — or visit this link direct.

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