PeopleNet offers ISE eFleetSuite e-log

| October 04, 2017

ISE Fleet Services’ eFleetSuite baseline compliance ELD is a dedicated unit with its own cellular data connection but without a lot of extra functionality beyond logs.

The PeopleNet provider of fleet mobility technology is now offering the ISE Fleet Services’ eFleetSuite electronic logging devices (ELDs). ISE became part of PeopleNet’s Trimble parent company earlier this year, and PeopleNet believes that he ability to offer eFleetSuite complements the company’s larger portfolio of safety and compliance tools, includes its eDriver Logs ELD, Video Intelligence, Onboard Event Recording, Speed Monitoring and others, in part for its attractiveness for small fleets as a baseline ELD compliance device.

PeopleNet will offer ISE ELDs specifically to fleets with less than 50 vehicles who are looking for a compliance-only solution. ISE’s ELD solution is self-certified and compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ELD mandate, which is scheduled to be enforced on Dec. 18, 2017.

Baseline compliance ELD from ISE Fleet Services

Baseline compliance ELD from ISE Fleet Services

ISE's eFleetSuite ruggedized Android tablet paired with a connection to the engine's electronic control module is an e-log for those without much need to "go ...

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