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Randy Grider

Port truckers practice art of the strike

| October 19, 2012

They say practice makes perfect. If so, Los Angeles port truckers are quickly becoming proficient in the art of picketing. No, they are not on strike, but have been practicing on an almost weekly basis – just in case.

Los Angeles Teamsters truckers have been holding “practice” pickets to show their employer, the Australian-based Toll Group, they’re serious.

According to In These Times, Teamsters Local 848 claims that Australia-based logistics giant Toll Group has broken its promise to bargain in good faith.

In April, Los Angeles port truckers won a rare union election in what is a nearly union-free industry. Since then, the rocky contract negotiations have been watched closely by port workers on both coasts.

“They’re mastering the art of practice,” said TJ Michels, a spokesperson for the labor federation Change to Win. “Because eventually, practice might have to make perfect.

By the way, this was not a practice blog post.

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