Roadcheck 2015 inspection spree set for next week, here’s CVSA’s checklists for drivers, carriers

| May 28, 2015

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Roadcheck, the annual inspection blitz done by a joint effort of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and others, is set to take place next week, June 2-4.


Decreasing inspections, enforcement variability as movement against CSA gains steam

With Roadcheck ramping up Tuesday, June 2, Overdrive's annual update to the winding CSA's Data Trail shows a downward national inspection intensity trend, though some ...

Roughly 10,000 inspectors from state, local and federal enforcement agencies will  perform nearly 70,000 inspections on trucks and buses over the 72-hour period. They will be stationed at 1,500 inspection points around North America.


The Roadcheck effect

The Roadcheck effect

Take a visit to the mechanic? Go through the truck with a fine-toothed comb? ... How do you prepare for the annual 72-hour inspection blitz? ...

As noted by reporting from Overdrive Senior Editor Todd Dills, however, the inspection spree could ramp up a little before the scheduled dates. Click here to read more on the Roadcheck effect. 

This year’s special emphasis will be cargo securement, though inspectors will still be primarily performing full 37-step Level I inspections — the most thorough inspection — throughout the week.

Last year’s Roadcheck, which also took place in early June, resulted in a vehicle out-of-service rate of 18.7 percent and a driver out-of-service rate of 4.8 percent. Also in 2014, more than 72,000 drivers and vehicles were inspected

CVSA has on its site resources for drivers and fleets. Here are both the 9 top things inspectors look for as well as a checklist for drivers:



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