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Saturday round-up: Spring cleaning, chaining the trailer to the coil, best wisecracks of the year

| June 17, 2017

Yeah, we’ll start with the last item in the headline, two comments I called out in this month’s print Voices section in Overdrive. The first, from “Heaterbiltcommenting under news in part of the creeping reality of more and more advanced driver-assist systems in trucks, speeding toward fully self-driving capabilities, many say. The moral decision to sacrifice yourself to save the life of another is one many drivers feel it’s just wrong to turn over to an 80,000-lb. vehicle’s computer.

“I remember Terminator saying he can’t self-destruct. Guess it’s time to build bridges over school crosswalks.” –Heaterbilt

Next up, a gem of a thought from Norman Ott, after reading about the debut of another ELD company, ELD Solutions, with a simple name. Ott brought a little extra complication to it with this:

“I have an e-log solution — toss them into the dumpster.” –Norman Ott

Real-man coils and spring cleaning with Joe Bielucki

Based in Connecticut, owner-operator Bielucki, hauling for a bevy of shippers and an occasional broker in the region around his home with a flatbed pulled behind a daycab 2004 KW T800, checks in from time to time with images from the road, such as the one at this link when he was served up a reminder of days gone by loading in the road from and old warehouse in a historic industrial section of Taunton, Mass.

Here’s the latest couple:

In his violation-heavy home state, Bielucki “survived Roadcheck 2017” he wrote over this past weekend. Also: With no rain in the forecast, it was due time for the annual “late spring cleaning” — looking sharp, Joe. Wouldn’t you say?

“When the coils get big, you don’t chain them to the trailer,” Bielucki wrote with this one. Rather, “you chain the trailer to the coil. Notice the bow in the side rail near the chains!”

How’s it look for you out there this weekend?

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