Small fleet owner invents innovative, but simple securement device


Former small fleet owner and flatbed hauler Steve Burroughs introduced at The Great West Truck Show today a product that he says is a “no-brainer” and something that he’s hoping becomes standard equipment for flatbed loads.

The Cargo Cookie, as he’s dubbed it, is a round, doughnut-shaped device that’s placed under straps to increase load security and prevent damage to loads. The device allows drivers to tighten straps or chains without using pallets, car tires, wood or other makeshift devices.

The idea came to Burroughs one night about a year ago, he says, and he began development about nine months ago, going through a trial-and-error period of trying different blends and materials and different sizes.

He eventually settled on company’s proprietary foam urethane blend, and he and his new company unveiled the product at the show today.

As far as future distribution, though, Burroughs says he’s working on getting the product into truck stops and working with fleets directly on using them. They’re also hoping to bring in sales from their website, which went live recently.

Burroughs closed shop on his 22-truck flatbed fleet to start Cargo Cookie, LLC. His fleet hauled mostly steel and machinery, he says.

Fleets like the size of his former operation and owner-operators may see the most benefit from his new device, he says, as any way to deter damage to loads will greatly decrease the chance shippers will reject a load upon receipt. Rejected loads, he said, could be killers for small fleets.

He’s also working with steel companies and other manufacturers to try to make use of the Cargo Cookie required by manufacturers when hauling a load of their product.

For more on the Cargo Cookie or to check out pricing, see the company’s website.

As a first-show special, Cargo Cookie is offering all of its different packs of the product for 50 percent off.

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