Suicide shortcuts

| July 20, 2013

To outfit Triple One with suicide doors Beaudoin and co. had to move the daycab’s air cleaners forward a little. "Then we took the passenger and driver side doors and we cut the tops off the doors,” moving the passenger main panel to the driver side and vice versa. Poppers for door latches give the exterior a smooth, handle-less finish.

Q: I’d like to try my hand changing over my ’89 Peterbilt’s stock doors to suicides. I’m on a very limited budget, so what’s the best route? — Francisco Estrada, Dallas, Texas

A: Francisco, suicide doors really are not something you can get away with using any shortcuts. This is a project where there are a lot of changes that need to occur. Having to re-engineer the latch setup is a pretty difficult task. What we found to be the easiest way was to eliminate the latches and use shaved door panels and Autoloc door poppers. We make a door skin kit that includes everything to do shaved doors. If you want to give your truck a unique look without dropping a ton of money, this is probably the best option for you. – Alex Gobel, Outlaw Customs

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