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Super single sing-along

| January 05, 2014

We’re moving into our new home on wheels, getting everything tweaked to our comfort zone. We lost two inches in the sleeper, but the entire frame of the new truck is actually five feet longer than the Cascadia. She’s a beast and she’s beefy and when we bought her she had almost brand-new super singles, so needless to say we’ll be running supers starting out.

Wendy Parker's wide singlesGeorge doesn’t have any experience (other than bobtailing her home from Wisconsin) with wide-single tires. I did a little research on them (gasp, I did research) and have pretty much discovered the opinions are split almost completely down the middle. Some people love them, some hate them. Some think they get better fuel mileage with them, some say that’s crap. I do know I’m not really comfortable with the idea of a retreaded single, because all I can see in my mind is humongous gators flying all over the highway, and there’s enough of the regular-sized ones out there already.


One truck to rule them all

One truck to rule them all

Pictures of George and Wendy's 2004 Freightliner Coronado: "'The Precious' is here. She arrived from Wisconsin the other day, and I haven't seen my husband ...

I’m curious as to how many readers have direct experience with running supers. Let us know what your thoughts are on them – do they really pay for themselves, as some say, or are they a pain in the rear and more expense than they’re worth? Chime in …

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