The vape escape — Survey shows growing use among operators

More and more truckers are vaping to get away from tobacco’s dangers. It’s working for some, though it has drawbacks.

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Kick the habit with hypnosis?

Tried to quit smoking 20 times only to start again? If so, you've got a friend here. A hypnotist based in Florida has developed both in-person hypnosis and at-home self-hypnosis tools that may help.

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Kicking the habit: Why a blanket cell-phone ban won’t work

As if hearing the plethora of truck drivers' objections to the prohibitions on handheld cell use in-cab while driving, minus any similar prohibition for the motoring public and given the wide problem of motorist distraction on the highways, the National Transportation Safety Board formally recommended that all personal electronic devices be banned from use while driving by everyone in all 50 states and D.C. (except in emergency situations and unless they aid the driving task). All ...

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