aftermarket parts

You can’t hide them lyin’ eyes

George's dalliance with aftermarket parts -- for a different truck! "It became evident I was going to have to confront him.... He was cheating. He was looking at aftermarket parts for a Peterbilt."

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Preps for Brake Safety Week, starting tomorrow

Brake maintenance tips and resources from longtime brake system components manufacturer Bendix -- and the top states for brake inspections/violations.

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Aftermarket DPF and DOC replacements

The DCL International Roadwarrior Aftermarket On‐Road Diesel Particulate Filter and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst replacements for model years 2007 and newer are direct replacements of OEM parts. Roadwarrior products work with existing OEM temperature and pressure sensors, engine operating parameters and are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. In addition, all Roadwarrior parts are newly manufactured and never reconditioned or re‐manufactured. The DOCs contain an all-metallic substrate which ...

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