Doughnut wars 2020

Wendy offers a vision for the future of trucking: "A 'one doughnut a week' mandate, in which all CDL holders will be issued 'good boy' credits they can trade for snacks that aren't offered on the gubmint-approved driver menus."

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‘Outcast Kustoms’ TV show to debut March 26

If you give a look at the March 26 schedule on Discovery's Velocity Channel website you'll find a listing that may well ring a bell or two for the custom-truck enthusiasts among you. Listed at 9 p.m. on that date is Episode 1 of a show called "Outcast Kustoms," which will feature Kelvin and April Locklear of the custom build shop of the same name. The Locklears are the longtime customizers behind the K&L Chrome ...

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