George Washington Bridge

Caught on camera: Attempted insurance fraud?

The extreme-brake-check entries are growing in Overdrive’s Dashcam Central repository for reader-submitted and other videos of on-highway events, this one in a center lane on the George Washington Bridge into New York City.

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NYC bridge lanes to be closed

Three of four eastbound upper-level approach lanes to the George Washington Bridge will be closed during weekend hours through August.

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Toll evasion = life sentence for Chinese ag hauler

After public outcry over the severity of the life prison sentence handed down to a hauler of agricultural commodities for evading road tolls in China, the Chinese government is reportedly revisiting the sentence and has put court officials who handed it down under investigation themselves, according to this AP report on the subject. The hauler, Shi Jianfeng, had apparently gotten around $560,000 U.S. worth in tolls by running two trucks with fake military license plates. Military ...

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