inspection reports

CVSA asks for updates to inspection-report processes for the digital age

Many state jurisdictions, CVSA says, " do not have the manpower to follow up on unreturned inspection reports. For these jurisdictions, the practice of receiving returned inspection reports creates a paperwork burden with no clear value or purpose. Meanwhile, motor carriers spend time and resources certifying, returning and storing inspection reports that are not being used by many of the recipients."

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Say goodbye to no-defect inspection reports — FMCSA’s officially eliminated them

FMCSA will publish Thursday, Dec. 18, a Final Rule that will eliminate the requirement that truck drivers keep and submit Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports when no defects have been found. The rule takes effect immediately.

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Paperless roadside enforcement tech debuts at Intermodal Expo

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Intermodal Association of North America will demonstrate its paperless Driver Vehicle Examination Report Notification Service Nov. 18 at the Intermodal Expo next week in Houston, Texas.

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