What’s your dream gear?

What piece of trucking gear could you use most effectively that, well, just hasn't been invented yet? Some examples here. Weigh in yourself via 530-408-6423 on our podcast voicemail line.

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Thinker-tinkering: Inventors among the trucker set

It's people like Chris Barbeau, Robert Jordan and others that lend credence to notion of the creativity-inspiring quality of the open road. Keep thinking, keep building, operators.

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Good to the last drop with trucker-invented Bottle Buddy

A story in the Akron Beacon-Journal from last week detailed the inventing prowess of dump-truck driver for Barbicas Construction and former long-hauler Charlene Cook, of Akron, Ohio. She unveiled her gizmo, the Last Drop Bottle Buddy, at the Invention and New Product Exposition, or INPEX, outside Pittsburgh June 16-18. The Bottle Buddy is essentially a sturdy stand and a cup on which you can place all manner of bottles to drain the last of their contents -- while ...

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