Iowa 80 Kitchen

Get your 10-cent coffee at Iowa 80 June 4

Iowa 80 Kitchen, the 300-seat full service restaurant in the Iowa 80 Truckstop will be celebrating 50 years in business on June 4, 2014. The restaurant is offering customers an opportunity to order from a special menu insert with 1964 prices.

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Iowa 80 eatery featured in television series

I always enjoy watching a program on television that fires up the “hey, I’ve been there” electrons in my brain. There’s just something exciting about seeing familiarity on the flat-screen. It’s even better when you have a personal relationship with the subject being featured. Another opportunity for my excitable standard “been there” announcement to my somewhat less excitable wife and kids is just around the corner. Iowa 80 Kitchen will be among truck stops eateries featured in ...

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