James Williams

GATS Pride & Polish preview: ‘Contender,’ J&L Contracting’s custom ’15 389, Blackhawk RGN

Whether you're headed to GATS or not, this Pride & Polish national championship "Contender" 389 and Blackhawk trailer has all it takes to turn your head.

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Video: J&L Contracting’s 2013 Peterbilt 389 — Back in Black

The "Back in Black" glider, powered by a 6nz Cat, was formerly the truck of then-Landstar-leased Brett Cole -- J&L retooled it for heavy haul, among other extensive customizations, says J&L's Randy Menkel.

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Flooding in Nashville, from basements to truckstops

I spent a large part of the afternoon Sunday shop-vaccing close to 40 gal. worth of water from the basement of my East Nashville home, unplugging overwhelmed gutters and generally through it all trying to stay dry. I got off pretty easy. At least some of the many stranded over-the-road drivers around here today are able to make the most of their situations, to hear Truckers News "Marathon Trucker" columnist/blogger Jeff Clark tell of his nearly daylong layover ...

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