Joe Delorenzo

Dealing with hours violations beyond your control in ELDs

Recording hours with ELDs: State and federal law enforcement officials urge drivers to practice blunt honesty in special cases, using annotations on duty statuses and status changes to explain the situation in detail. In many cases, officer leniency could prevail.

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Logging in the ELD environment: Annotations/notes section is driver’s friend when ‘weird situations’ arise, FMCSA says

ELD exemption questions, personal conveyance circumstances, yard moves, more: In "any weird situation," said FMCSA's Joe DeLorenzo, "annotate it in the driver’s record would be clear if somebody asked you for it."

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Landry questions White House integrity on EOBRs

In a hearing before the Small Business Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this week whose title was a markedly direct question -- "Is FMCSA's CSA program driving small businesses off the road?" -- Republican Rep. Jeff Landry of Louisiana took the opportunity during questioning of FMCSA Deputy Administrator Bill Bronrott to question the administration's good intentions on electronic on-board recorders. Rep. Landry of course is one half of the primary sponsoring pair behind ...

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