Mama Hated Diesels

A trucking Western thriller ends run on Chicago stage

It wasn't exactly going for contemporary industry realism, but it's called "Mother Bear," named for the handle of a leader in a band of not-exactly-savory Utah haulers a young lawyer and "salt man" for an upstart truckers' union seeks out to enroll in his new organization, knowing minions will follow him. Rough-and-tumble Western in tone -- with truck drivers instead of cowboys/outlaws, channeling, perhaps, a film most will know too well in Convoy -- the ...

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New play brings ‘respect’ for drivers to the stage

"It's been more than 30 years since Hollywood had White Line Fever," wrote Denver Post Theater Critic John Moore in this article, "'Diesels' Fuels Respect for Truck Drivers,' about the Denver Center Theatre Company's production of their in-house-written new play, "Mama Hated Diesels," that premiered March 25 and is running through early May at the Stage Theater in Denver. And, Moore adds, it's taken an equivalent amount of time to beat the "tired old rap" of the pop-culture image of the driver ...

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