Round-up: Meme-ing the ELD mandate w/ Ind. enforcement, Hoosier toll plan floated with study

In which the state of Indiana conducts a study of the revenue-producing effect of tolling most every Hoosier interstate. And an enforcement rep shares a personal opinion on ELDs that will sound pretty familiar, among plentiful e-log memes ...

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Former ‘American trucker’ host Robb Mariani hit with a ‘sick’ meme, hits back

Robb Mariani is challenging Facebook to institute better piracy/defamation controls in the wake of his image being used in a meme equating being a "real trucker" with hitting hitchhikers with urine bottles thrown out the window at highway speeds.

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Round-up: Black Out in a white-out, and a little photo-caption fun

Charles Timbrook's Black Out custom Freightliner encounters some white stuff; and: Professional speeds for professional drivers in reader photo captions.

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