‘Banana peel trucker hat’ on Today show

It won't fit on your head, that's sure. Check out this post, part of the Today Show's "Bites on Today" food-related newsletter, about artist Brock Davis' Banana Peel Trucker Hat -- as well apparent from the photo, a ball cap perhaps more appropriate for mouse than human and utilizing for its construction the bottom portion of any garden variety banana peel. (Davis originally intended it to amuse his kids -- then pictures of it went viral.) Click ...

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Operation Roger, Susanne Spirit get some national ink

Growing for a long moment, the Operation Roger network of volunteer haulers making themselves available to connect adopted pets with new caretakers -- or to reunite lost pets with their owners -- free of any charge got some ink this month. The MSNBC cable network did a story on them, and we're happy to report they remain strong, having made since 2005 nearly 600 such connections. Laura T. Coffey's story began with a profile of hauler ...

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Dangerous roads — for animals — cataloged in California, Maine

The last time Truckers News addressed the subject of dangerous roads, you might forgive us for having focused on the obvious, the treacherous mountain passes, cold and snowy winter roads and congested urban centers that make the job of the nation's truck drivers a sometimes harrowing adventure. Researchers and other users of  the California and Maine Roadkill Observation Systems, though, are pinpointing the most dangerous roads for, as their organizations' titles suggests, animals. The main ...

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