Peterbilt Model 348

Peterbilt to make air disc brakes standard

Move will apply to entire Calss 8 truck lineup.

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Peterbilt launches all-wheel drive for 337, 348

Peterbilt Motors Co. on Tuesday, March 9, launched All-Wheel Drive (AWD) for its vocational models 337 and 348.

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New Peterbilt and Freightliner trucks

Peterbilt announces two models  Peterbilt’s new Model 348 is designed for Class 7-8 applications that require rugged durability and a wide range of options. The company has also introduced the medium-duty Model 337, which is suited for pickup-and-delivery, beverage and food service vocations. It will replace the Model 335. The Model 348, replacing the Model 340, has a GVW beginning at 35,000 lbs. and optional capacity ratings to suit most specialty vocations, including those for construction, petroleum  refuse ...

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