SFD’s ties to the ‘discredited’ CSA SMS: Just one ‘fatal flaw’ in safety-rating rulemaking, coalition argues

Got CSA fatigue? This one's sure to tire you out, but take heed: the coalition of mostly small carrier-interest groups that's been active this past year on a variety of regulatory fronts sees numerous problems in the FMCSA's SFD proposal.

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ScoopMonkey’s new ‘CSA Score Explainer’ tool

The broker/carrier business-to-business online rating and review service is taking up carriers' and brokers' concerns with the CSA SMS, offering "technology’s response to the ineffectiveness and incompleteness of CSA scores."

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CSA 2010 Driver’s Handbook now live

You may have seen it out at the truckstops already, but if not, I thought I'd take a moment today to alert you to our CSA 2010 Driver's Handbook, now online in an interactive digital version. Combining reporting from Overdrive and Truckers News editors (from myself to Overdrive Managing Editor Lucinda Coulter and others) with information provided directly by the FMCSA dispelling some of the common myths and misconceptions out there about the program, it's ...

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