Getting around ‘Truckermageddon’; American Trucker season 2 ‘gets hardcore’

California 'Carmageddon' also a 'Truckermageddon'? NBC Los Angeles ran this report on truckers' plans for avoiding the I-405 shutdown this weekend -- the 405 will be shut down northbound in a 10-mile stretch between I-10 and U.S. 101. The southbound closure will begin at U.S. 101 and extend four miles to the Getty Center Drive ramps. On Friday, the closure will begin at certain on-ramps as early as 7 p.m., and closure of freeway lanes will ...

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Trucking continues coming to Joplin aid

The stories about relief efforts in Joplin keep coming in. Before I get to a couple more, I thought I'd take a moment to note that I will be out of the office through June 7, though Channel 19 will continue to bring all manner of side routes and byways into the industry in my time away. Definitely keep ears on Monday for an awesome Memorial Day dispatch by Overdrive managing editor Lucinda Coulter. (If ...

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Mission USA’s July I-75 “Tour of Hope”

Ed Eubank, pastor of a nondenominational church in northwest Martin, Tenn., is hoping he can "make a better connection with truckers so that we can better serve the people out there in genuine need." Eubank, see, is also the primary man behind the humanitarians at Mission USA (, an organization providing relief to families and individuals displaced on the nation's roadways.  "We’ve got  a 40-foot motor home with dry foods," Eubank says. "If we see a family with children who are ...

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