Mission USA’s July I-75 “Tour of Hope”

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Ed Eubank, pastor of a nondenominational church in northwest Martin, Tenn., is hoping he can “make a better connection with truckers so that we can better serve the people out there in genuine need.” Eubank, see, is also the primary man behind the humanitarians at Mission USA (www.missionusa.org), an organization providing relief to families and individuals displaced on the nation’s roadways. 

“We’ve got  a 40-foot motor home with dry foods,” Eubank says. “If we see a family with children who are looking rough, we can immediately provide them with that. Sometimes, they just need a word of encouragement, and more often than not, that’s the case. It could be that they’re in an area where we’ve got a contact with a base of local churches, and we can say, ‘Hey, here are some people you can make some contact with who need help.’ Oftentimes, someone who is really displaced, they don’t have a clue to get to the local churches.”

In July, Mission USA is embarking on a location-focused outreach and relief effort in the I-75 corridor and asks truckers in that lane to keep the lines of communication to them open should any see families in need on the road. “I have a passion for helping people,” says Eubank, “and I see a great need for it on the nation’s highways. The truck drivers are the eyes and ears of America out there — they see what’s happening.”  

Visit www.missionusa.org for info.