And just what a-‘bot’ that amateur-hour advocacy group

As reports surface of "bots" commenting on regs, Wendy expresses doubt, with humility: "I'm just part of that 'amateur-hour' advocacy group who didn't nonetheless make a 'rookie mistake' by encouraging 'bots' to do a job people need to be doing themselves with genuine, applicable, relevant information to have any credibility."

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Things that would make me leave the truck for 400, Alex

Wendy on accident aftermath: "I'm just amazed by people who get back on the horse and ride." If that applies to you, why did you jump back in the saddle?

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Bitten — by more than the trucking bug

" The spiders in South Texas are so big they strap saddles to them and put them in rodeos. Small children who make a scene by screaming for Starbucks in the food court are fed to them."

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