Gluten or not?

A new buzz-phrase that seems to be dropped whenever new diet trends are discussed is "gluten-free." What exactly is gluten? And why are so many people cutting it out of their diet?

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Good choice, Bad choice: potato chips

Grocery stores and healthy-choice restaurants may not be an option when hunger strikes on the road. While browsing through the gas station aisle for different snacks, one of the most temping choices is a bag of chips, because they’re crunchy, salty and easy to eat at the wheel. Good choice: Sun Chips Original Bad choice: Lay’s Classic Potato Chips Calories and Fat: The Classic Lay’s chips have 150 calories and 10g of fat compared to the Sun Chips’ ...

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Daily health tip: If unsure, go with plants

Fruits and vegetables are the smart choice for low-calorie.

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