Tennessee-based driver shut down after police find drugs, beer in cab after crash

| May 10, 2016

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has effectively shut down a Tennessee-licensed truck driver after police found open beer cans and drugs in his truck following a crash.

Jason L. Flynn made an illegal turn in north Georgia on March 17, which caused a crash with a passenger vehicle. The vehicle became wedged underneath Flynn’s trailer, hospitalizing the driver, FMCSA says.

FMCSA shuts down Calif.-based driver after multiple DUI convictions

Previously, Zaverukha was convicted twice in Connecticut for alcohol-related violations while driving a truck and once in Massachusetts.

Georgia State Patrol officers found an open box of beer and several open beer cans in the cab of Flynn’s truck, and a field sobriety test detected the presence of alcohol. Police also found a bag of heroin, a syringe and needle, and several Xanax pills hidden under his seat, according to FMCSA.

Additionally, it was revealed that Flynn was in violation of several hours-of-service regulations.

Flynn’s out-of-service order from FMCSA states his “… continued operation of a commercial motor vehicle substantially increases the likelihood of serious injury or death” to himself and the motoring public.

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