See Trucker Talent Search’s Taylor Barker cover Joey+Rory song

The sixth annual Overdrive-Red Eye Radio Trucker Talent Search received more than 50 entries from talented truckers who love to sing. A panel of judges reviewed the entries and has chosen a top 10. Over the next several days, Overdrive will feature each of the top 10 singers in advance of announcing the three finalists who will compete live for first place at August’s The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.

Taylor Barker Trucker Talent Search 2019 06 06 13 48Taylor Barker of Kingsport, Tennessee
Owner-operator, 2010 Peterbilt 386, leased to Heniff Transportation
Has been trucking for 22 years

Song title: “Preacher and the Stranger”
Why is singing’s significance to you? My favorite thing about singing is being able to share a story with music and make people feel that the song was written about them because they relate to the lyrics. The best reason I can give as to why I sing, write and play music is because it allows me to escape reality and live for a moment in a place in which my problems are forgotten, as are the listeners’ problems. It’s been a very powerful drug to me. I also like to use music to help others by playing for charities and raising money for people who could use a helping hand.
How do you keep music in your life when busy on the road? On the road, I make time during my 34-hour resets or 10-hour breaks. I have been known to stop on the clock when that lyric in my mind is begging me to stop so it can mingle with the music.
What’s your daily haul like?I drive over the road, hauling hazmat chemicals in smooth bore tankers. I prefer driving at night but our customers require early appointments, so our hours fluctuate.

The Trucker Talent Search culminates with a live contest featuring three finalists. The first-place winner receives a professional recording session. The contest will be emceed by Tony Justice, who will also perform during the event.