A GMC Astro’s part in a ‘giant leap for mankind‘

Even folks who weren’t born when the Apollo 11 rocket blasted off to the moon July 19, 1969 can imagine the excitement behind the well-known expression, “The Eagle has landed.” 

The trucker who drove the GMC Astro that toured the nation with an Apollo 11 exhibit the year after the mission no doubt witnessed enthusiasm across the nation as he or she drove cross-country to mreo than 50 cities. On OverdriveRetro, you can read about the truck that provided that tour, along with a small bit of the GMC’s development and General Motors’ involvement in the Apollo 11 program.

If any trucker remembers those days or has hauled for the space program, please write me. You may have memories that others whose minds and hearts were captivated with America’s space program would like to read about. Contact me at [email protected].