‘In one helluva fix’ without truckers

Charlie Douglas likely echoed sentiments of most trucking radio hosts in a classic 1972 quip: “This nation would be in one felluva fix if it weren’t for the men that follow lines between the ditches . . . and the ladies too, ‘bless ’em.”

Douglas, then host of the all-night truckers’ Road Gang show on WWL,  was one of five finalists in Overdrive’s 1972 reader contest for their favorite DJ. It was a tough choice, with many renowned radio personalities as finalists. On OverdriveRetro, you can read about them and their admiration of truckers in this week’s feature.

A companion piece in April’s Overdrive about radio hosts, including Satellite Cowboy Bill Mack, describes these important radio pioneers’ contribution to truckers’ access to news and entertainment in the early days of trucking.

The July 1972 story on the contest finalists included Overdrive’s Top Ten Album list, a collection of songs that may tug at some truckers’ sentimental side just by title alone: 

1. “One’s on the Way,” Loretta Lynn (Decca)

2.”My Friend,” Jim Reeves (RCA)

3. “Best of Charley Pride,” Vol. 2 (RCA)

4. “Me & Chet,” Jerry Reed & Chet Atkins (RCA)

5. “Buck Ownes: Live at the Nugget,” (Capitol)

6. “A Thing Called Love,” Johnny Cash (Columbia)

7. “Anne,” Anne Murray (Capital)

8. “Innerview,” Statler Brothers (Mercury)

9. “That’s Why I Love You Like I Do,” Sonny James (Capitol)

10. “Ain’t We Havin’ Us a Good Time,” Connie Smith (RCA)