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Two awesome class 8 motor coaches

| June 10, 2012

Hyler Bracey's 2007 Kenworth W900 Motor Home with NRC Conversion

The first comes by way of the Southeastern Regional Truck Show and the awesome pair of Hyler Bracey and Cass Flagg, the former of whom you may well remember as one of the folks behind the “Big Horn” moving museum(click through that link for a story about its conception.Some years later, Bracey was looking for a way to ride in style to antique tractor and truck shows from his Atlanta-area home base with Cass and  came upon the pictured 2007 Kenworth W900, which he had stetched and double-framed all the way back by Matthew’s Garage in Cartersville, Ga.

Then, mounting the pictured motor home body was NRC Truck Conversions in Middlebury, Ind.

It’s an awesome rig from two people it was a pleasure to meet. Find a couple extra interior shots at the bottom of this post.

The second is the product of father and son team Ray and Leroy Keens, two truck collectors who’ve embarked on yet another Marmon build. You heard right, if you hadn’t already deduced it from the picture here this motor home is built up from a 1980 Marmon cabover with a 400 Cummins engine and 13-speed transmission with 3:70 rears.The motor home body started its life as a 28-ft. van trailer, custom outfitted on the interior by Stagecoach Conversions.

The younger of the pair who did the build, Ray Keens, shared a new project with us on Overdrive‘s Facebook page.

You can follow progress on that restore — of a 1990 Marmon conventional — and find a full start-to-finish gallery of the motorhome build via the Keens’ website “dedicated to the preservation” of the memory of the Marmon brand,

As Ray writes on the site, from a home base in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the duo has been “collecting mainly the cabovers.” Ray’s father “worked at Dutchman’s Truck Service in the early 70s as a mechanic,” taking an interest in Marmons due to what he saw as their superior craftsmanship. “We have been customizing and rebuilding Marmons throughout the years. We have discovered recently there are many more of you out there who have the same interest and we would like to hear your stories and share them with others through” Get over there and tell them what you think.

Now for that interior shot of Bracey in the KW, taken from just in front of the kitchen sink, followed by an exterior view from the rear, and Cass Flagg on an antique John Deere. Enjoy!

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